Kerry Re-visited

I’m just back from a short break in Kerry. It’s something of a semi-annual pilgrimage at this stage and I never tire of it, though it does mean re-visiting locations which I have often photographed in the past. This year, for a bit of variety, I decided to take a dis-proportionate number of shots with my iPhone and post them to Instagram. However, I did get to several new locations as well as looking for new angles on some past favourites. For these, I turned to my trusty D-SLR (it’s a Nikon D7100). Below is a small selection from the trip.

1. Brandon Creek

Brandon Creek is the site St Brendan allegedly departed on his voyage to America. This shot shows the river with Mr Brandon in the background, before it enters the see at a small bay, still used by fishermen to this day.


Kerry June 2015 #13 - Blog


2. Dunquin and the Slea Head Drive

A shot taken on the Slea Head drive showing dramatic coastal scenery with the Blasket Islands in the distance, followed by a panoramic view of Dunquin Bay and almost a bird’s eye view of Dunquin Pier – a shot that has been on my bucket list for some time. I would like to re-take this one in the future at a different time of day – sunset, perhaps.


Kerry June 2015 #9 - Blog




Kerry June 2015 #11 - Blog





Kerry June 2015 #12a - Blog




3. Top of Torc Waterfall

The most familiar images of Torc Waterfall are taken from the bottom but the top is also worth a few shots. Here’s my take on it.


Kerry June 2015 #16a - Blog





Kerry June 2015 #17a - Blog



4. The Derelict Cottage in the Black Valley

This features in several of my past posts. However, it is always worth another look and this time the sheep obliged by staying in the shot!


Kerry June 2015 #7 - Blog




Kerry June 2015 #5 - Blog




Kerry June 2015 #1 - Blog