On The Road Again

Due to an ankle injury incurred while out with the camera last month, I have not taken any outdoor shots in over 5 weeks. I’m still not able to walk any great distance so I am limited to taking shots where I can more or less just pull up in the car and step out.

Yesterday I took a short drive south of Wicklow town to explore the coast road beyond Brittas Bay. I haven’t been on that part of the road for many years. The weather was not too inspiring and in fact the remnants of the heavy rain and storms since the turn of the year were still visible in terms of flooded fields and water lying on the roadside.

Here are a few shots I took during an hour or so on that route.

Wicklow Coast - south of Brittas Bay

Wicklow Coast – south of Brittas Bay


Silver Strand - 08-03-2014



Wicklow Cattle - 08-03-2014



Wicklow Sheep - 08-03-2014