A Grave Discovery

It’s almost two week since I took a photograph. The bad weather has been a major contributor to that. However, it is also due to a degree of incapacity as a result of a fall I had on my last photo outing.

I was driving the country roads south of Wicklow town looking for some inspiration. Typical of the weather of late, it was dull and damp. I found nothing that enticed me to stop the car and get out with the camera. On my way down I had passed a cemetery so as I returned I decided to stop there and see if it was worth exploring.

The cemetery is at Three Mile Water, about 5km south of Wicklow town on the road to Brittas Bay. At first sight, it is a modern graveyard which appears not to hold much interest as regards photos.

TMB #1



TMB #2

However, just after I entered the main gate, I noticed a second gate which led to a very much older and clearly disused cemetery. I decided to explore.

TMB #3

Gateway to the old cemetery

This section of the cemetery was on sloping ground and displayed nothing of the straight lines and planning that was evident in the newer section from which I had entered.

TMB #4

View back towards the entrance gate, showing how sloped is the graveyard.


TMB #7

Looking towards the lowest parts of the cemetery.


TMB #11

I didn’t have a lot of time to look for interesting angles so I just took some general shots to give an idea of what this old cemetery is like. The oldest headstone I came across (no longer erect but lying on the ground) was from the 18th century. The newest was from 1983.

TMB #5

This is the lowest part of the cemetery where there is quite a cluster of graves and headstones.


TMB #5a

The date on this plinth is not fully visible but it is from sometime during the 18th century.

TMB #10

The headstone in the centre of this picture is the bears the most recent date I could find – 1983.

As I took my last shot I turned for one last look across this abandoned place and, without warning, slipped on wet grass and ended up on my back. My left leg took the full weight of the fall. In some pain, I made my way back to the car. I ended up in A&E that afternoon and on crutches for a week. Two weeks later I’m still hobbling.

Part of me wondered if there was some eerie message in that fall – a warning, perhaps – not to come intruding on this place with my camera!

TMB #6



TMB #8



TMB #9



TMB #12

These pots provide evidence that at least some of these graves are still tended.


TMB #13



TMB #14